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Get the most from your productCARE INSTRUCTIONS

In order to ensure your sleep product performs to its best, some simple yet important steps must be taken from time to time.

Mattress set up
  • Always use a mattress protector. It’s a simple, hygienic way to keep the mattress clean.
  • In order to provide the correct support for your mattress the base it is going on must be in good order. Check that the base is not sagging. If the mattress is going on a timber slat base, check that the slats are no more than 9cm apart. We recommend a centre support rail for all slat bases for double sizes and above.
  • If the mattress is going on a timber slat base (where the mattress is positioned directly onto wood) it is recommended that a mattress protector or other insulating material be placed between the mattress and slats to prevent damage, such as pulling of the mattress fabric.


Mattress maintenance 
  • Rotating the mattress allows use to be spread across all sleeping areas. Mattress rotation needs to be done every two weeks for the first three months and monthly thereafter. Please refer to the turning instructions below.

-For single-sided mattresses (comfort layers on one side only), the mattress should be turned end to end only.

-For double-sided mattresses (comfort layers on both sides), the mattress should be turned end to end and upside down.


Turning Instructions (follow the diagram below):

1. Grasp the mattress corners and spin the mattress clockwise, 90 degrees across the base

2. Tip the mattress up on its edge and then roll it over so a new sleeping surface is presented

3. Now grasp the mattress corners and rotate the mattress clockwise until the mattress is again aligned with the base

4. Your mattress has now been turned end to end and upside down.

  • If your mattress has handles, it is important to remember that these are only to be used for positioning the mattress once it is on the base. These are not design to carry the weight of the mattress and must not be used for lifting it.
  • Avoid sitting on the mattress edge as this could damage the frame, spring or border.
  • Air your mattress periodically.
  • Remember that if this mattress is firmer or softer than the one its replacing, it could up to 30 days for your body to adjust.
  • Base and Bed Head Care
    • When assembling, take care not to damage the thread of the leg/castor or t-nut in the base or bed head.
    • Legs and castors should be tightened regularly.


    Adjustable Product Motors

    Our motors are completely sealed so there is no maintenance required.


    Adjustable Product Safety Do’s and Don’ts
    • DO watch for children and small animals around your bed.
    • DO keep your body in the centre of the bed when changing positions.
    • DO NOT alter or misuse the bed or its electrical components.
    • DO NOT leave the bed unattended when used by an infant or invalid.
    • DO NOT allow liquids to come into contact with the hand control.
    • DO NOT sit or stand on either ends of the bed whilst the it is elevated or being raised.


    General Care
    • Do not let anyone stand or jump on your mattress, base or bed head, they are not designed to be used in this way.
    • Do not wash or dry clean your mattress, base or bed head, unless otherwise stated on label of product or instructed by Slumbercare Bedding.
    • Our products are not flame proof (unless the fabric is specifically fire retardant). Do not expose to fire and do not smoke in bed.

The legal detailsGUARANTEE

All Slumbercare Bedding products are accompanied by a Guarantee Card. Please ensure you read this and keep it in a safe place (along with your receipt of purchase) should you need to refer to it in the future.


What does the Guarantee cover?

Slumbercare Bedding provides a guarantee for its products that applies to the original purchaser of the product. This guarantee provides that in normal use if any part thereof proves to be defective in workmanship or materials (from the date of original purchase until the end of the guarantee period), provided the product is used in accordance with the care instructions, such defective part or product will be repaired or replaced at no charge upon return to Slumbercare Bedding. Repair or replacement of defective parts or products is at Slumbercare Bedding’s discretion. If identical materials are not available at the time of service, Slumbercare Bedding may substitute materials of a comparable quality.


What doesn’t the Guarantee cover?

Our guarantee excludes:

      1. Damage caused by burns, misuse, neglect or accident.
      2. Normal wear and tear, including normal body impressions
      3. Goods found in an unsanitary condition.
      4. Incorrect choice by the purchaser (e.g. comfort choice or size).
      5. Mattress used on a sagging or inadequate base.
      6. Fabric stains, soiling, burns or fraying caused by rubbing (e.g. on a slat base).
      7. Border wires and spring coils found to be bent due to inappropriate handling, folding, sitting on the mattress edge, standing or jumping on the product.
      8. Handles that have been used to lift the weight of the mattress.
      9. Minor manufacturing irregularities.

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Further informationFAQ

What are body impressions?

Body impressions appear as indentations on the surface of any new mattress where foams and upholstery levels settle.  Generally, body impressions are considered normal and not a structural defect.  Body impressions indicate the mattress is performing appropriately; contouring to your body shape for comfort.  Rotating your mattress according to the care instructions will ensure the mattress wears evenly.

My new mattress feels different to my old one.

Sometimes, people find that when they change to sleeping on a new bed, they may take a couple of weeks to adjust. We suggest allowing up to one month to adjust to the different comfort and support that your new mattress provides.

Will my mattress feel like the one I tried?

Some factors can influence the feel of your mattress at home and might make it feel a little different to the model tried at the store. Such factors include (but are not limited to) ambient temperature, heat transfer from body contact, type of mattress protector, type of bedding and the type of base. Further, a new mattress will take some time to settle when compared with the showroom model.

Will my mattress feel the same for the duration of the guarantee period?

All mattresses generally soften slightly over the first few months as the foams adjust and settle to the body’s contours, with regular rotation according to the care instructions. After this period, the foams should level to their final position.

What happens if I experience a heat issue with my mattress?

If you are sleeping on a pillow top mattress, the comfort layers in the top of the mattress will conform to the shape of your body. The softer the comfort layer, the deeper you will sink into your mattress. Should you experience a heat issue with your mattress, there are a number of options that may help which include using a cotton, wool or gel underlay and using cotton sheets with a lower thread count.

The edge of the mattress feels firmer.

If you have chosen a mattress with a pocket spring unit, sometimes these mattresses are constructed with a ‘foam box’. In this type of product the pocket spring unit is surrounded by high density foam box walls. When lying on a pocket spring mattress with a foam box construction you may find the edges of the mattress to feel a little firmer than the rest of the mattress.