Copper Gel is an exciting, new additive for open-cell coolFlowTM and EnergexTM foams, allowing microscopic, copper-infused gel particles to get in cooperated into the cellular structure of the foam. Copper is a completely natural and environmentally friendly mineral that serves as a required nutrient in many ecosystems and plays a vital role in many cellular function in the human body. Copper naturally  provides protection against viruses and microbial growth to prevent odours and stains in the product. The high conductivity of copper complements and enhances gel’s thermal properties to help dissipate excess body heat, providing a cooler and more comfortable sleep.


Cooper Health Benefits

Numerous studies have outlined both the exceptional antimicrobial effects of copper and the benefit of human exposure. For example, it is shown to be 1,000 times more lethal to the flu virus than stainless steel, with a contact kill rate of 99.999999% per hour. Generally, no live organisms have been recovered after prolonged incubation of microorganisms on copper surfaces. This strong antimicrobial effect has also been shown to occur when bacteria and viruses are in close proximity to, but not directly in contact with copper particles. When Copper gel foam is compressed, the otherwise evenly dispersed copper particle become concentrated at the surface of the foam, forming an antimicrobial film close to the human skin which amplifies the health benefits to the consumer. These attributes make for a cleaner mattress and more peaceful sleep.


Variable support properties

Like other Peterson ThermaGel-infused foams, Copper Gel creates the feel of having the variable support of multiple layers of IFDs in just one later of foam. This effect is created through increasing interaction between adjacent gel particles as the foam is compressed, smoothly increasing the level of support as needed. At deep compression areas, the particles reinforce the gel by providing a solid core to the flexible gel particles for added support. Copper Gel infused foam is there by better able to withstand heavy loads of pressure without bottoming out or losing its support properties.


Exceptional Thermal Properties

Copper Gel is an exceptionally effective thermal regulator, combining the high heat capacity and conductivity of gel with the hyper-conductivity of copper. Copper is one of the most conductive materials on Earth, with a conductivity of up to 20,000 times higher than that of polyurethane foam. When any foam, open- or  closed-cell, is compressed by body weight, the cells become crushed, which restricts airflow and limits the liberation of heat though convection. With copper Gel, compression has the positive effect of bringing copper and gel particles in contact with one another, allowing for rapid conductive heat transfer through the solid particles for lasting thermal comfort. Heat conducted through gel is ultimately liberated by convective heat flow as it reaches uncompressed areas of the mattress.

source from: Peterson chemical technology. INC. Copper gel Product description